How to Unclog a Vape Pen

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If vaping is a part of your cannabis lifestyle, you’ve probably encountered a clogged cartridge or two. There’s nothing more obnoxious than spending top dollar for a quality cart only to have it clog up on you. Well, we’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you unclog a vape pen, and what you can do so you never have to deal with this pesky problem again. 

Why Do Vape Pens Clog?

It can be challenging to troubleshoot a clogged vape pen, and it can happen for plenty of reasons. Here are the most common issues to consider before attempting to unclog a vape pen. 

Incorrect Vape Temperature

Some vape pen batteries are set at a fixed temperature, in which case, that’s likely not your issue here. However, some batteries have variable heat settings that you can change manually by clicking a power button or clicking the bottom tip of the battery itself. 

Typically low and slow is the best way to approach vape temperature. But, if the oil is particularly thick, it may be a higher temperature to fully warm it up before you can inhale. 

Viscosity of the Oil

Just like we noted above, the viscosity (or thickness) of the oil can make it difficult to pull. It’s not even that the vape pen is clogged; it’s just that the oil is too thick to pull through on the inhale. You can often mitigate this issue by pressing the button to engage the heating element before inhaling. Oils like Bloom Rosin tend to have a higher viscosity and require a specialized type of hardware to allow for optimal airflow and prevent clogging. We never cut or dilute our oils so that they flow more smoothly. Instead, we invest in the best hardware to support the quality and flavor of the rosin. This brings us to our next point.

Poor Quality Hardware

There are a lot of crappy vape pens on the market. Many are just meant to get the job done instead of offering any features that might actually make the oil taste better. Unfortunately, this often leads to a burnt vape taste, faulty batteries, and clogged vape pens. This is a big reason why it’s important to buy from companies that invest in vape pen technology research to create their hardware. This is exactly why we worked so diligently to create Bloom Surf disposable vape, featuring high-end vaping technology that eliminates any worry about clogged hits.

Not Stored Correctly

If you’re wondering why your vape pen is clogged, ask yourself how you store and handle the pen. Do you toss it into a bag or throw it on the counter in between use? Is it near extreme temperatures, either hot or cold? 

Environments can affect vape pens just like they can affect fresh weed. Maybe you’ve never thought about the right way to store a vape pen. It turns out—it matters! Most importantly—stand the pen upright, so the oil doesn’t move around and clog the airhole.

Chamber Flooding

Sometimes when you suck a little too hard on the vape pen, excess oil is pulled from the chamber and overflows into the air hole or even the mouthpiece. This often looks like a leaky vape pen, but as the oil cools, it hardens and clogs the airflow. 

How to Fix a Clogged Vape Pen

When it’s time to troubleshoot, work your way through this list to learn how to unclog a vape pen. And while we probably don’t have to say it, make sure that you properly charge your vape pen in case it’s not just a power issue. 

Store Upright Overnight

The first thing you can try to unclog a vape pen is to store the pen upright overnight. In the event you haven’t been storing it this way, give gravity a bit of time to get the oil back where it belongs. Keep the vape pen in a room-temperature environment. High heat can cause leaking, but cold temperatures will only thicken up the oil, further aggravating the issue. 

Take a Hit, But Don’t Inhale

After storing the pen upright overnight (or for several hours at least), it’s time to prime it. You can do this by hitting the pen, but without inhaling. So, take several short, sharp puffs into your mouth instead of your lungs. Many times this repeated action will force the clog open. If it does, switch to regular inhaling to warm the oil and get it moving. Be sure to take 10-15 second breaks between inhales so you don’t flood the chamber. 

Remove the Cap and Clean Excess Oil

Sometimes there is just a bit of leaky oil that hardens inside the mouthpiece. If you can, remove it and check. If you see oil where it doesn’t belong, use a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol to wipe it away. Be sure to let it fully dry before reassembling the pen. Then, vape as normal. Sometimes you might need to go back to the step above after cleaning the leaky oil. 

Warm the Cartridge

Please don’t throw your pen in the microwave or a bowl of hot water. The best way to warm up a vape pen is between the palms of your hand. Run your hands under hot water until they are nice and toasty, then dry completely. Remove the cartridge from the battery and roll it between your palms for a minute or two. Oftentimes this easy step is all you need to unclog a vape pen. 

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